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Project InteractiveTop?: An Entertainment System that Enhances the Experience of Playing with Tops

Spinning tops have a long history around the world as a child’s toy. Although having differing shapes, tops as toys are simple, easy to use and allow people from different nations and of different generations to play together. A top is a simple toy, yet its behavior is unique when compared with the behaviors of other physical toys. Its attractive behavior is based on the gyroscopic effect acting within the top. We sense the force of the gyroscopic effect when touching or handling them. We consider that this experience helps children become aware of a basic phenomenon of physics.

In the present project, we extend these experiences with augmented reality technologies by providing visual, audio and force feedback. In the traditional use of tops, the user has physical contact with the top. They can apply an external force to the top with their hand and feel a torque. However, direct touching often has the unintended effect of moving the top, hence limiting continuous interaction between the user and top. In this work, we propose an entertainment system that allows the user to have direct prolonged interaction with a top, thereby extending the possibilities of traditional tops. Our system supports virtual physical contact between the user and top and augments the interaction with visual, audio and force feedback.


Laval Virtual ReVolution? 2011 in Laval, France



From Exhibition at Laval Virtual ReVolution? 2011.

System Hardwares

Our system consists of three components: a top, a top accelerator and a top stage.

Top and Handy Top Acceleration Device


The accelerator provides the player with top position and rotation speed control capabilities.

Top Stage


Top stage is a projection-based tabletop system utilizing polarized infrared light tracking techniques with a high-seed camera.
This system can track position and rotation speed of multiple tops over 2000 frames per second in 480x320 resolution.

Application Games


We exhibited next generation of top battle game at Laval Virtual ReVolution? 2011.
Now we are developing novel top game application for next exhibition!

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  • Workshop on Interactive System and Software 2010(WISS2010), Interactive Presentation Award!!
  • Laval Virtual 2011, Laval Virtual Award 2011 for the category of "3D Games & Entertainment"!!

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