We developed novel entertainment system that consists of horizontal ceiling screen that can be played with small sticky balls.

Sticky object is an attractive toy that has many fun elements for small children. They loves kneading or pulling them, sticking each other or throwing to the wall or ceiling. In this work, we developed novel entertainment system that can extend playing experiences of playing with sticky object by using visual/audio effect overlay.

Features of StouchBall

In order to designing a new play using sticky object, we first focused on a small-sized sticky ball and a large horizontal ceiling. By combining these items, players can experience different types of playing element, “Throwing up a sticky ball”, “Sticking to the ceiling” and “Catching a falling ball”, continuously and repetitively. Next, in order to extend these playing elements, we employed a large ceiling screen and a projector-camera system to overlay real time audio/visual effect on the ceiling. In addition, we also considered that the elements of sticking the balls each other are significant element of interaction with sticky ball. Thus, we decided to incorporate this action into the interaction.

System Hardware

Playing Field

The system consists of 3m x 2m(or larger) horizontal screen fixed on the ceiling and a projector-camera unit. The screen is built from a light weight poly-styrene foam in order to have the properties of both diffusing projector light and adhering the sticky object for a certain period of time (about 5 to 10 seconds). A projector and a depth camera were fixed on the floor, outside the playing area.

Sticky Ball

Sticky ball is a light weight and palm-sized ball made by flexible materials. The ball was built from soft wool felt covered with transparent elastic material of 2mm thick. We designed the size of the ball 10cm diameter and 30g weight in order to occur free falling from the ceiling about 5 second after the user upthrew it to the ceiling screen. The ball was also designed for small children to play safely. They can press/pull it by hand and also can stick to other balls (Figure4).

Ball Detection

The balls contacting or approaching to the ceiling screen was detected and tracked in real time by the depth camera fixed on the ground. The camera captures depth information whole area of the ceiling screen in 30fps. The position, size and shape of the ball attaching on or approaching to the ceiling screen were detected by system using depth background subtraction with two different ranges of depth threshold (3cm-10cm/3cm-20cm). All balls were tracked and the attaching time is also measured..

Prototype Applications


AQUTAFULL has been exhibited at Joshibi University Art and Design 2013.


StouchBall will be exhibited at Laval Virtual ReVolution? 2014, from April 9 to 13, 2014.









Project Members and Contact Address

Yuri KIMURA, Yume Kurihara, Yuri Miyashita and Hiroko Uchiyama(Joshibi University of Art and Design)
Toshiki SATO, Yasushi MATOBA and Hideki KOIKE(The University of Electro-Communications and Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Please contact us by Email: info[at]vogue[.]is[.]uec[.]ac[.]jp

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